Season’s change just like people change. I believe that if you’re not growing then your dying. I have seen people stay the same for years, but complain about things not getting better in there lives. And the older that I get the more I understood that change is necessary. If you want to grow you have to make better, wiser decisions about your spiritual life, life, people and job. If you want better in your life you are going to have to do better. You can’t do the same thing and get different results. You can’t say you want to lose weight but don’t do anything to make that happen. If you’re still eating out and you’re not exercising then you won’t lose weight. You want a better relationship with husband/boyfriend, but what are you doing to make it better. People complain about there life so much that what you put out is what you will receive. When was the last time you spoke positive words to yourself or others? When was the last time you called, texted or went to see someone? I learned that when I do for others my situation doesn’t really seem that important. When you pray and give it over to God, you need to decide right then and there that things are going to be different. We have all had hardships and went through things, but just because you go through it doesn’t mean you have to stay in it.

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