Stop the violence:

I don’t know any of Nispy Hussle music or anything about him except that he was dating Lauren London. And from what I’ve been reading he seemed like a humble man who was doing a lot for his community. It scares me when my husband and sons go places. I pray for them often because it seems like black men are dying all the time for no reason. I call, text and leave voice mails for my husband and boys. I worry about them daily. Black men are targets and it seems like it’s okay if they die. I’m not okay with that at all. No one deserves to die like that. We are not God and we can’t pick and choose who lives and who dies. As a woman, the men in my life are very important and special to me. They deserve to be treated with respect. I’m tired of my race dying and it is justified with gang violence, resisting arrest, and all this other bullshit. I don’t have the power to stop violence, but I know by praying and doing my part I hope that things will change. There are too many women grieving when we don’t have to. Let’s do better.

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