Wendy Williams:

I’m not big on talking about people and I don’t like it when people talk about others. My heart truly goes out to Wendy Williams because of all that is going on with her. I know that she is good about talking about people and telling their business. But it’s always the ones that find it cool to down others, but can’t tell about themselves. I don’t know Wendy Williams but right now her life isn’t perfect as it once was. Her husband has been cheating on her they say for years, the mistress just had his baby and she is in a sober house. There are people who would rather talk about other people’s issues then deal with their own. So many people walk around like they have no issues. Why not make it look like everything is good? I know people who don’t feel sorry for her and feel like it’s karma but I don’t. It hurts me when people step outside of there marriage. To have your life played out where everyone knows your business can’t be an easy thing. It’s easy to talk about someone else and what they should be doing when your own house isn’t in order. Instead of talking bad about her why not pray for her. We don’t know what she can and can’t handle. So before we throw stones at other people let’s make sure our own home is in order.

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