I have always felt secure in my marriage, but this past weekend had me questioning how secure I really was. See my husband and I were at the mall and I saw this dress that I would never buy nor wear. To give you a description of the dress it was a black leather short dress that was tight and very form fitting. All I needed was some handcuffs and a whip. So we were joking about the dress and this lady comes up and tells me that I should try on the dress. Then she proceeds to look at my husband and say that she would try on the dress for him. Well, let’s just say that I was pissed, insecure and wanted to snap her neck all at once. I would never get into a conversation like that with strangers that I don’t know. She made me feel insecure in my marriage as a woman. I have been cheated on by other people many times and that wasn’t a good feeling. Because I wouldn’t wear certain things or do things sexually they found someone else who would. I took all my past hurts and what this woman said and let it consume my day. I felt not good enough and worthy enough. She made me feel like I wasn’t women enough for my husband. All my past insecurities came rushing back at me. But I had to stop and think about who I am and who’s I am. If any women is bold enough to take my husband then he wasn’t mines to begin with. But my husband reassured me that who I am is what he wants. He knows what I’m comfortable in and what I’m not comfortable in. I’m good with how God created me. I don’t have to dress inappropriately for anyone. I caught my husband being me and I’ll keep him being me.
And by the way yes I did try on the dress and no I didn’t buy it. I tried it on to try and help my insecurities and it didn’t work. I’m not that type of female who will feel uncomfortable in her own skin to please or keep someone.

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