Don’t take love for granted:

Have you ever been in love? I mean the type of love that has you questioning what power does this person have over me to bring me so much joy? I know that feeling all too well. See that’s me right now. But I often forget how much I’m in love with my husband when he pisses me off or makes me mad. But why should I forget this type of love? Are my feelings that wishy-washy that I can change up like that? Yes they are, I’m just being honest. I’m trying to really figure me out and understand how someone who brings me so much happiness can make me turn my feelings off like that? Well, it’s not them it’s me. Because if you really think about it God doesn’t do that to us. God’s love is indescribable. God doesn’t take his love from us when we do right so why do we do that to others? What my husband does, doesn’t warrant me to take my love from him. I’m blessed and honored to have a husband so caring, hard-working, committed, patient, provider, and love’s me unconditionally. My husband doesn’t take away his love from me when I mess up. I had to really examine my heart to figure out why I’m like this. It all goes back to my past. I’m learning to leave the past in the past, but it’s going to take some work. I’m a work in progress. I’m honored to have a husband who is so patient with me. I’m learning that life is to precious to be mad or concerned with minor things. If I don’t get my way it won’t kill me. But the main thing is to not take the love that I have for my husband for granted. When you have someone who shows love daily and gives love daily that is truly a blessing from God. I’m so in love that my heart is bubbling over. If you’re in love or love someone unconditionally don’t make a big deal about the little things. Take your love and return it 100 fold.

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