Do you have a sister circle:

When I think of a friend I use to be able to give you mostly male names because I had more male friends than females. Females to me where to messy and loved drama. But now when I think of the word friend there are more female names that come to mind. I have a circle of sister’s who have my back. See I have two biological sisters and we have our own bond they are priceless and connected for life. But my sister circle they are priceless, these women pray for me, laugh with me, cry with me, tell me to get over myself and plain out tell me like it is. I don’t need any “Yes” women in my life. I want correction and honesty. These ladies give that and more. I have been knowing some of these ladies for 10 years and less. I want to thank my sister circle for there love and support of me. Thank you, JP, Rosalyn, Angel, LaToya, Tabitha, Jessica, Sonya, Valerie, Andrea, Toni, Denesha, Tamaro. Ladies you have been a source of encouragement and love. I have the best set of circle sisters around me. One thing I know about my circle is even though we may not talk or be in contact every day, but when we do it’s like old times. One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is how much I cherish friendships. We all need a sister circle who will be 100 with us at all times. Do you have a sister circle? If not then you need one. Make sure you can share your highs and lows with your sister circle and it’s stay’s between yall. Make sure you can celebrate with your sister circle. Make sure you get someone who has your back. My sister circle is awesome.

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