You are appreciated:

It’s time to learn to appreciate the people that we have in our lives. I have been to many funerals and it seems like that is when people want to tell the dead how much they mean/meant to them. Why do it then? They can’t hear you? We need to do better in letting people know how much we can about them. Pick up the phone, text, send a card, etc. People should never have to guess or question how someone feels about them. No one should ever not feel appreciated. Why wait someday to do what you can do today. I have had people leave this earth that I wish I could have hugged, said I love you or do something special for. Who do you need to let know how much you care about them? Please don’t take people for granted. You never know when it will be you saying what you should have said at there funeral. Everyone reading this blog just know that you are special to me and I appreciate each and everyone of you.

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