Do you avoid people not like you?:

Why do we treat others so differently that, are not like us? I know and have dated several people who are not as social as me. Which is fine, but why do people look down at them? I thought we were supposed to love everyone? How do you call yourself a friend if your not friends with people who are not like you? Oh, they are quite so they must be crazy. That is not true at all. I’ve worked and known people who have a social anxiety disorder. People could just be shy our not sure how to be social in large crowds. We judge people based on how social they are. But if you get to know people who are different from you, you will find out that they are just like you. They have feelings also, but we feel like they are freaks. It’s so disappointing that people are okay singling out people because they are not like them. Like I’ve said I know several people who are not very social and they would tell me how people at work would talk to everyone else but them and how they are not included in conversations or department activities. To me, this hurts because if this was you or someone that you know you would be upset. We have to do better in the treatment of others. People are killing themselves and taking drugs when all they really need is a friend. I always go out of my way to talk to people who are not like me. I want people to always know that I care. You never know who may need a smile, a kind word or just a friend. So before you ignore or count someone out try being friendly. People are not always going to be like you. Before you judge know who you are judging.

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