My Mind, Body & Soul Journey:

About 3 years ago my family cut out beef, pork, soda, and some sugars out of our diet. Pork wasn’t hard because of the benefits of this meat just sucked. But beef that was totally different. I mean no more hamburgers, meat lovers pizza, you get it right? But I wanted to be a lot healthier in what we ate. We watched a documentary called “What the Health” and it has changed our lives. We no longer drink cows milk. Instead, we use Almond milk. We eat more fruits and vegetables with our meals. Last year we bought a juicer and trust me when I say that I love that juicer. I want my family and me to live a better longer life.
I have been dealing with chronic constipation for more than 10 years now. I was so tired of taking Miralax, laxatives and stool softeners, just drove me crazy. I have never experienced constipation until I had my partial hysterectomy surgery and this begins my misery. But I’m learning to eat better, drink more fluids and exercise more. I know that for some people giving up certain meats, eating more fruits and vegetables may not be your thing, but trust me you how much better you will feel will make it all worth it.

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