What’s on my mind:

Have you ever felt unappreciated by either family, friends, and co-workers etc? This may be just my thing but yesterday I was really feeling down. I feel like I give 1000% to people all the time, but I don’t get that in return. I try to give my children the best advice possible because I only want the best for them. But yesterday as I was driving my daughter to school I felt like the advice that I was giving her went in one ear and out the other. Sometimes as a parent you can feel defeated. I go hard for my children.
Yesterday after work I just came home took a long hot bath, was reading while in the tub. When I got out I closed my bedroom door just to has some peace and quiet. I put on some relaxation music and my diffuser with my lemongrass scent. It was peaceful for a while then my husband came home talking and there my peace ended. Some times I just want to go away for a day or two just to have some me time. I want to get me together. I fill everyone else’s tank with encouragement, gifts, calls, texts and time. But right not my tank is on empty. I’m out completely. I don’t have any more to give right now. I feel like I go hard for everyone. I’m praying for people, I’m here for people. But when it comes to me I get nothing at all. I know I’m not the only one who ever felt like this. I know that this will pass, but there are times when I don’t feel appreciated for anything that you do. You feel like people just take you for granted. Thank for listening to what’s on my mind.

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