Don’t Stifle Your Happiness:

On Saturday I read a devotional about purpose. As I was reading this devotional this sentence really made me think. “Don’t stifle your happiness by being afraid to unleash your purpose”. I have always stifled my happiness so that other people could be happy and live out their purpose. But why was I doing that? I feel at the time, that whatever my purpose was it could wait because someone else’s purpose was more important than mines. Oh, how wrong was I. What God has for you is for you, and you are supposed to use what he puts in you. I was more willing to help others with there purpose then mines because, in all honesty, I wasn’t quite sure what my purpose was. I always thought that you only have one purpose or talent, but that’s not true at all. We all have many talents and our purpose is what we were created to do. So for years, I was okay stifling my happiness, because I was helping others. But I had to stop and think I love helping people. I’ve always had that passion inside of me. So I sat down and really thought about this. I’m my happiest when I’m helping others, writing, reading and spending time with people. I’ve always been that friend that people talk to about what’s going on in their lives, needs advice or just a listening ear. I’m the one who recommends good book choices to other people.
So when I read that sentence about stifling your happiness by being afraid to unleash your purpose. I knew that what I have always loved to do, just gave me more confirmation that my happiness and my purpose is important to God and myself. Don’t be afraid to unleash your purpose if there are other people doing the same thing as you are. We all have a voice, we all help in different ways. Unleash your purpose this year, because trust me you will be happy that you did.

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