My Black History:

As February is coming to a close so is black history month. But for many black people, black history is lived 365 days a year. My blackness doesn’t wash off with water. My blackness shouldn’t make you call me names because you think you can. I’m beautiful, and my big lips were made to be admired and kissed. My hair whether it’s curly or straight is meant be looked at and admired not fondled with curiosity, because my crown is to be protected. My man is to be respected because he has the world on his shoulders. I pray every day that he makes it to his destinations safely. Why should my race be the only race to respect the police or else die? My black history isn’t just history but a reality. Make sure you’re respectful in the workplace. Don’t talk too much, roll your neck and eyes or they might think your ghetto. If someone disrespects you, let it go because if you don’t you might end up dead. Be careful who you answer your door for, they might say they shot you by accident. Black history month is a black history year. Blackface, racial slurs are all okay to do, but we better not act offended. People call my race lazy. Funny if we are so lazy, then why did you take us from Africa to being with? Speaking of Africa during the month of February that’s all the history that is talked about. Why is that? People said that your own race betrayed you, but they only did that because they were told lies by the slave trader. Why is that all we talk about? Why not talk about the 1st black female millionaire Madame C.J. Walker, 1st black female billionaire Opray Winfrey. 1st black female pilot Bessie Coleman, 1st black baseball player in the major leagues Jackie Robinson. 1st black female astronaut Mae C. Jemison, 1st black doctor James McCune Smith. 1st black female surgeon Dorothy Lavinia Brown. 1st black nurse Eliza Mahoney. Dr. Shirley Jackson 1st African American woman to earn a doctorate in nuclear physics at MIT.
We have so much more history, a positive history that should be taught in around the schools. We teach these things to our children to let them know you can be anything and do anything. History is still being written and taught.

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