True friends:

I’ve always been that girl who made friends easily, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’ve never met a stranger. But for me friend is a very important word. I’ve had friends that go back years. I just don’t understand how people use the word friend so loosely. I’ve lost so called friends because of who I dated, married and how are my friends. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson about friendship. Your true friends want nothing from you, but you. They will check on you to make sure your good and just be there for you when you need them. I have some true friends, from the past and present and I don’t take them for granted. We may not see each other much, or talk much that they mean a lot to me. I’ve had to let people go from my life and that hurt me like hell. I will support you, encourage you and be there for you as a friend. We don’t have to talk daily. True friends have the unspoken rules and lines that we just don’t cross. There is no jealousy between us. My circle of friends is so small and I’m okay with that. I’m on a journey to do more and be better. I need friends who are going to call me out and hold me accountable for my mess. True friends are hard to find and I’m so glad that I know who mines are.

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