In-Law Envy:

I’ve heard so many people talk about how much they love their in-laws. How they enjoy spending time with them. But for me that is something that I can’t imagine. See my in-laws well how do I put it, they don’t like me. My mother in-law mostly. When I first met them it was separately. I met my father in-law ( at the time wasn’t my father in-law) first. My husband ( who was my boyfriend at the time) was working on my truck. My first impression of my boyfriend’s dad was that he was kind and funny. We had no issues at all. But when I met my boyfriend’s mom for the first time she refused to talk to me. She didn’t want me to date her son. See she wanted to pick out a girlfriend for him. Not only that but I’m older than my husband and I have 3 kids. She felt like I wasn’t good enough for him. My mother in-law and I have never gotten along. She has always disliked me. She has let me know that I wasn’t the wife that she wanted her son to marry. She loves my kids, and doesn’t like me. Funny huh. Yeah I know. She has done a lot of things to hurt me. And she has even wanted us to divorce. I can’t relate to anyone who says that they love spending time with their in-laws and how much fun that they have together. I will never understand that side of it. If you have great in-laws please don’t take them for granted because it’s special to have your spouse parents like you and want to enjoy life with you.

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