Ladies we have got to do better:

Ladies I know that today is Valentine’s Day, but please stop expecting a man to do everything for you. Look there are some good men in this world who would like to be pampered and shown some love. And no I’m not just talking about sex. Your man wants to be taken out to eat without him paying all the time. Your man wants gifts also. Your man wants a massage, back rub and foot rub. Why women do we act like the men are supposed to do everything for us? Why can’t we repay are men the favor? Look before I married my husband we would go on dates and I would treat him to dinner. We would go shopping and I would buy him clothes, shoes and etc. Ladies, men get sad and feel down just like we do. They may not tell us, but they do. Men want to feel and know that they are loved also. Ladies come on let’s do better by are men. Let’s show them that we love them. Ladies men may not want flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals. But trust me a card or something that they love would be great. Ladies let’s do more, because are men do so much for us. They provide for us, protect us and love us. If you have a good man he will move heaven and earth for you. Ladies let’s start showing are men more love.

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