Who I would like to talk to dead or alive:

The first person I would like to talk to is Coretta Scott King.

Mrs. King you are a lady of strength. I’ve never met you, but you remind me of a strong women who was very determined. What was it really like to be married to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? I know there was days in your marriage that must have been trying. What got you through the tough times? What were your dreams for your marriage? Was there anything that you felt like you wanted to do but but didn’t? What was it like marching? Did you ever lose hope or faith during the process? When you started having children how did you handle being without your husband? How did you explain it to your children? Did you ever feel like you didn’t want this life anymore? When Martin Luther King Jr died, how did you handle it all? Was their ever a time when you felt like you couldn’t handle it without your husband? How do you feel about how far we have come today? What do you think about Barack Obama being the first black president? What do we need to change to make your husband dream become more a reality? What do you think about the statue that they have of Martin Luther King Jr in Washington DC? These are just some the of the questions that I would love to ask her if she were still alive.

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