How do you de-stress when you are stressed? How do you relax when so much is going on in this world. It seems like everyday there is something that needs are attention or have to deal with. Life gets busy and there isn’t a lot of down time to relax. But we must take the time to de-stress and let go of the business of life. A lot of people de-stress by turning to alcohol which is not good all the time. Some wine every now and then is okay, but to drink your sorrows away is not good.

I de-stress by having some alone time to think and relax. I find a quiet place to read and journal. Taking a relaxing bath is also a good way to de-stress. Listening to music is another way that I de-stress as well.

We all have different ways to help us de-stress. Make sure your de-stressing habits are healthy habits. Make sure you take time to have some alone time with self. I hope these ideas that I do will help you de-stress in your life.

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