As you may already know marriage is important to me. But their are people who view marriage as something else. Let me explain. I have an acquaintance who I felt had the idea marriage. I asked her how her and her husband met. Now usually when people ask this question the women smiles and has this far off look like they are imagining the day. But not her, she was quick to say that they met after college. They both were in the same profession. He was attractive and they started dating. They both agreed that if they got married it wouldn’t be in the conventional way. I was so confused by this statement so I asked her what she meant. Well they didn’t want a traditional marriage, with all the “rules” she said. They loved each other, but it was more about the money and the business. See they decided to go into business together and well since they had been dating for 5 years decided to tie the knot also. I asked her why marry if you didn’t want any of the marriage traditions? Well her reply was because they worked well together and cared deeply for each other. Plus their parents were bugging them about getting married. It’s crazy to me to think that people get married for business. What does that mean anyway? Well they agreed to be their for one another, but there would be no children. Pretty much what they has was a business contract and not a covenant marriage. They actually have a binding contract of rules for their marriage. Their marriage is about making it look good at the business meetings, family gatherings and stuff like that. They have been married for 15 years now. I asked her if she had any regrets, and I was shocked when she told me yes. She regrets not having a real marriage in the convent way. Their lives are all about business and nothing else. They love each other, but their is rarely any affection. She regrets the fakeness and that they live two separate lives.

See marriage wasn’t intended to be anything other than what God made it to be. When we make are own rules for marriage it never goes anywhere. Marriage isn’t a business contract, but a convent vow to God. I now know that many people have this type of marriage which makes me sad. Marriage is God based not business based.

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