New Year New You:

2019 is here and there are somethings in my life that I feel like needs to change. For one trying to do it all on my own isn’t going to work for me this year. You need people around you who are going to support and encourage you. Life wasn’t meant to be done all on your own. Another thing that needs to change is learning to be me and love me more. I get so overwhelmed by doing for others and trying to make sure that everyone else is okay that I forget all about myself. I neglect me in ways that are not healthy. I need to take care of me and  make sure that I’m good. Self  health is so important. I want to grow closer to God this year. I pray every morning, read my devotionals and the Bible. But for me that’s not enough. I want a closer relationship with him. I want to grow my faith and trust more, and pray bolder prayers. I want to learn to say no more and put my foot down to things that are not right and that I won’t tolerant anymore. I want to grow in my friendships with people. I want to be a better friend who does more than text. I want to call and have more meaningful conversations. I want to be a better wife. I’ve struggled with this since I’ve been married. I’ve tried to imitate what other people do and that doesn’t work. I’m learning to become the wife that God wants me to be. I’m learning to trust the process. As this year is starting, I’m learning to trust the process and know that it’s okay to make mistakes, because everyone does. I want my life on every level to be better. I want to enjoy life more and worry less. Life is a journey and I’m learning to go along for the ride.

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