A Letter to my younger self:

First of all take a deep breath. Your doing an amazing job. You haven’t had things go as smoothly as you would like, but it’s okay that is life. People won’t tell you how amazing you are, or that they are proud of you. But let me tell you how amazing you are. You have done things that seemed impossible to do. You raised three amazing children who are thriving and who love you. Just because you didn’t finish college doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It’s just a set back, keep your head up. You have had relationships that have failed, but you tried your best. Understand that you can’t be everything to everybody. And it wasn’t all your fault. Trust your gut, when you feel like you should leave then leave. Don’t stay to have someone continue to hurt you. Also understand that friendships come and go. Stop holding on to friendships that your suppose to let go of. Trust me it’s not the end of the world to let people go. Learn to value yourself and your self-worth. If people don’t value you then let them go. Stop holding on to toxic people. Stop doubting yourself and the things that you are capable of. Don’t let orders devalue you and your gifts. It’s okay to be scared and not have all the answers. Stop holding on to the past let it go. Learn from the past but let the past go. See yourself as beautiful. Stop thinking everyone but yourself is beautiful. Honey natural is beautiful too. Don’t stop smiling, laughing and being your goofy self. That’s what people love about you. People also love the fact that you are always there for them. People cherish your wisdom, honesty and listening skills. Trust me your going to travel some bumpy roads. Your going to have sleepless nights and trust me their will be tears and uncertainty along the way. But believe me when I say that your stronger than you think. You have been broken but never defeated. Keep your chin up you got this. Know that everything that you have went through has made you stronger as a person. It hasn’t always been easy but you’re doing good. Just remember when you think no one cares, God cares. When you feel alone you’re not alone. Just know that I have your back we are on this journey together. Just want you to know your doing a great job.

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