Unfollow your heart:

I started reading this book called unfollow your heart by Amie Dockery. This book has made me realize that my heart isn’t always right and my heart can lead me to put trust in things that I shouldn’t trust. Why is the heart leading the way anyway? Why do you trust the heart? I don’t believe the heart was intended to base your decision’s off of. But how do we make decision’s? How do I know if I’m making the right choice’s if I don’t follow my heart? But here’s a question to ponder, has your heart ever failed you? Has your heart ever made you make wrong decision’s? So why put so much trust in it to begin with? Because that is what we have been taught. Always follow your heart, trust your heart. It’s always about the heart. But I quickly learned that the heart shouldn’t be trusted.

Right now I’m feeling like my life is going in so many directions. I feel like I do so much for other’s but yet I fail myself. Taking time for self-care on myself has been one of my down fall’s. I’m meeting everyone else’s demands that I don’t stop and see about checking on me. I have always been a person who helps other’s. I make sure that things are done so other’s don’t have to do it all. I’m always helping other’s with their goals and dreams. But I put mines to the side. Right now I’m wondering what I really make to others? When you see my smile, do you also see my pain? Does it seem like I have it all together? Because I really don’t. How do you go about unfollowing your heart? It starts with wanting to make a change and then praying that God will help you make that change.

My heart is fragile and it can’t be trusted, but God can always be trusted. My purpose and who I am God knew before I was even born. He knew about my doubt, fears and weakness. He knew that I would go through all this, but I don’t have to do it alone. I don’t have to trust my heart when I have God. I have realized that me taking care of my mental, physical and emotional health is important. Stop following things that are not good for you. Don’t trust things that you are uncertain about.

This is not a book review. The book was really good and worth reading.


2 thoughts on “Unfollow your heart:

  1. This is an amazing perspective on this! So many times, I have heard myself saying “trust your heart”….well, my heart has allowed me to accept things that I should not have accepted in my life; almost to the point where I may have been devaluing myself? It’s crazy to think about, but you’re right. Maybe following the heart is not always the best decision after all. Thank you for this!

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