2 faces:

People usually have many faces. But a lot of people have two faces. One they share with the world and one that they only know about. Why is that? Why do we only show one face to the world? The answer is quite easy, who wants to see all your brokeness and pain? Who wants to see your heartaches and failures? Who really wants to see the true you? Not many people really care about what you’re dealing with on the inside. It’s so much easier to smile and act like things are okay instead of crying. How many people will still be around when they see the other face? Can they handle the other side of you? Will they know what to say? Or is it easier to just see the smile and not care about the pain?

Do we know how to be loving and understand when the other face comes out? Or is it easier to bash someone’s feelings/situation so we don’t have to deal with the truth? Or could it be that your staring at yourself in the mirror and can’t figure out how you got here? Which face is easier to maintain? Which face is acceptable?  Does my smile make you like me more? Or does my tears bring you comfort? Why do we take the time to work on the smile/face that the world can see, but never the face that the world doesn’t see?

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