My conviction: Part 2

So you remember me asking God for a sign on what I should do. Well let me tell you about the sign that I got. My husband sends me this YouTube clip with T.D. Jakes and Miles Monroe on it talking about the Spirit of Division-Distracted Women, Discouraged Husband. Well let me just say that I was convicted and felt like the worse wife ever. The message talked about understanding and caring about what my husband has been dealing with and going through. I didn’t care because I really didn’t want to hear the same stuff that he was he was dealing with everyday. Nope I just wanted him to stop asking me a million questions. I didn’t care about understanding. I’m just thinking why can’t you change. And why are you so different? But then he sends me the YouTube clip, that will forever change my life. After watching/ listening to it twice, I vowed to change the way that I talk, listen and understand my husband. As a women we have no idea what men go through. That message has really given me a whole new perspective of what it’s like to be a man.

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