How to love when you don’t want to:

As I was reading one of my devotionals, the lesson of the heart came up. And it’s funny because I’ve been having an issue with loving and moving on from conflicts. And it hit me that God has instructed us to love. No matter how you are feeling or what someone has done to you. It’s always important to love them. Now I’m not saying you have to like them our their actions, but we must love them. It’s easy to love someone from a distance, but when you are close, our live with them, then that’s a totally different thing. I’ve had to learn and understand that a lot of people’s actions are taught. You learn a lot of things from your parents and friends when you are growing up. But one thing a lot of people don’t learn is how to love. Whether it’s give, show, ect. I shouldn’t get mad because people don’t understand how to respond to love. But one thing that I must do always is show love no matter what.

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