Letting my guard down:

What does it mean to truly let your guard down? To me it means to become vulnerable in every since. I have always had difficulties letting my guard down. As soon as I began to trust someone comes along and breaks that trust. As soon as I let my guard down to let someone get close to me something always happens. But I’m learning that when you let your guard down that you not only break the walls that you have set up, you also learn to become vulnerable. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak at all, it just helps people to see a softer and more compassionate side of you. We all need to be able to be vulnerable with someone, that we trust at some point in our lives. I have taken the steps to open up my heart and emotions with someone who will do the same with me. Let your guard down and see that it’s not all that bad. Like I said being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak, it opens the door for others to understand you.

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