The Imperfect me:

Where do I begin? I’m so imperfect when it comes to myself. I have fears that I don’t know how to shake. I have flaws that need to be made perfect. How do I become perfect in this imperfect world? How do I let go of all the anger that I have? How can I be beautiful when the world see’s beauty so differently? How do you I open up about myself when I’m trying to find myself? Who’s perfect? How do you measure perfection? Are my flaws holding me back? Do I not realize my own worth? Why do I let people just walk all over me? I’m imperfect to a fault. Is it my fault that I’m imperfect? Is it my fault that I don’t know myself the way I should? The imperfect me tries to understand, but always falls short. That’s just me imperfect.

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