What do you see when you look at me? Is it my eyes, my smile or my color? Why does the color of my skin bother you? Do you see me as a threat or less than? Really what do you see when you see me? Do you see me as a wife, mother, daughter? Do I seem violent or suspicious? Is my skin color the only reason why you don’t like me? What’s my name? When I smile at you why don’t you smile back? When I speak to you why don’t you speak back? Is it really my color our do you not want to get to know me? How do we dislike a color? My skin is beautiful. My color should not be a threat. It’s just a color. Why do we dislike someone over color? Maybe the issue is deeper, I know it is. Love see’s no color. God see’s no color. This world should be colorless yet we are not. Color is this what we dislike? Really?  Food for thought.

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