Marriage is a gift from God:

As I was reading my daily devotional I came across this message ” Your spouse is a gift from God. Don’t lose sight of that truth”. I’m married and have been married for almost 8 years. Has it always been easy? No, but the vow and promise I made God on my wedding day has kept me focused on making my marriage the best that it can be. And do I feel like my spouse is a gift from God yes I do. But I don’t always appreciate my spouse. When he makes me mad I feel like we are not a good match. Let’s just be honest, we have all thought that we have made a mistake in who we married when we are angry with our spouse. Some won’t admit it, but we all have. If feel like people are so quick to give up on marriage. I have felt like maybe it would be better if my husband and I were divorced. But then as I reflect on why I married my husband in the first place, why would I be so quick to give up. My husband is flawed and so am I. But God hasn’t given up on me and why should I give up on my gift from God? I’m not about to give up on my kids and my kids are a gift from God also.

When I made my vow’s on my wedding day I didn’t only make them to my husband, but with God also. It’s seem’s so easy to marry and divorce with no one really thinking about why you got married in the first place. We make plans for the wedding day but don’t make plans for the marriage, why is that? Why is the day more important than the marriage? It truly saddens me that people don’t take marriage seriously. I hope people truly understand that your spouse is a gift and with any gift cherish it. I thank God for my husband everyday.

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