Let’s take about marriage: Part 2

It’s interesting that when I hear men talk about their wives, it seem’s to always be in the past tense. It was interesting hearing someone the other day talk their wife and how they don’t dress the same way anymore. Well I was curious as to how they wanted their wife to dress. Basically he wanted his wife to dress like she was in her early 20’s. I understand that men are visual beings, but this truly disturbed me. Why do men want women to dress in tight, form-fitting clothes. Let’s go a step further with that because in the home is one thing(if that’s your thing), but out in public no. I don’t understand why men have a problem with women covering themselves up after they get married and have kids? I have a daughter and I don’t want to portray that type of image to her. Why do men put these type of expectations on women?

Well here is my take, women don’t put those type of constrains on men. We love you just the way you are. But to make a women feel uncomfortable in her skin is not right. So I told the guy who was talking about how his wife doesn’t dress sexy anymore. So I posed this question to him, how would you feel if she dressed sexy at work and got hit on by other guys? He wouldn’t like it. How would you feel if your daughter’s seen their mother dress like this just to please you, and in return when they got older started dressing like that to please men? He wouldn’t like that either. So I said then why can’t you except the fact that she dresses the way she does to set an example for your daughter’s?

The saying goes how you got him is how you keep him. But for me the moral of the story is respecting yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin is the way to go. I feel like if a man want’s to see that it’s not only going to be from his wife but from other women to. I know we as women are supposed to submit but at the end of the day there should be some self-respect and men should understand that.

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