Let’s talk about marriage:

Now a day’s it seems like marriage is a big joke. We fall in love with the idea of marriage. The wedding day, but we don’t truly understand what marriage is about. It’s not about the dress, food, ring, etc. It’s deeper than that. But for some reason we have lost the purpose of marriage. We fall in love and as soon as the person we are married to makes us mad we want out. It’s so easy to leave when you disagree. Like he didn’t put the toilet lid down, doesn’t help clean up. It’s so easy to leave then. But why isn’t it easy to stay married? These things should not be a reason to divorce someone. What was the reason you got married in the first place? What did that person mean to you? Well let’s explore this some more. Let me tell you a story:

So someone told me something today that truly disturbed me today. This person told me that they were mad because their wife doesn’t know how to use the GPS system. He was mad that she couldn’t understand the system, but it was more than just that. The names that he called her and how he disrespected her over a stupid GPS system was very distasteful. So let me tell you a story about my personal GPS discouragement. When I met my husband we had the best relationship. We were just friends at the time but we got along well. Then the friendship turned to a relationship no problems there. But our friendship turned to a relationship no problems there. But then we moved to a new state and here is where the problems started happening. For one, I’m directional challenged and we would argue about this and other little things. See we had never lived together before so that was a huge adjustment to say the least. So then we got engaged and married. Well you know the GPS issue from earlier, well I still hadn’t mastered the GPS and we ended up arguing about that after our wedding (the very next day). And it hurt my feelings because I felt like once we were married it would be magic and rainbows everyday. Boy was I wrong about that.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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