Count your blessings:

In today’s society many people don’t count their blessings. They are more concerned about getting more. People want more clothes, shoes, etc. People want bigger houses, expensive cars, etc, But if you take all that away what are you left with? Nothing. People are more concerned with the things that they have then the blessings they are given.

I’m blessed each and every day that I wake up. I’m blessed to have a roof over my head, food to eat and transportation to get around. But more importantly I’m blessed to be able to see and talk to my family and friends.

You should count your blessings in what the Lord has done and is doing in you and through you. Your blessings shouldn’t be about stuff. You can’t take stuff with you when you die.

Count your blessings if are able to see, hear and you woke up this morning. Count your blessings. Life is about more than just things. You shouldn’t take anything in life for granted. You may not be where you want to be or live where you want to live. But you should still be grateful and count your blessings. There is always someone worse off then you.

Count your blessings.

One thought on “Count your blessings:

  1. I’m grateful to know someone who can relate to how I feel. Blessings are more than material things. The idea of having someone to love: parents, siblings, child, spouse or friend is a blessing I count as ENORMOUS.
    I’m counting my blessings!


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