Who are the people in your neighborhood:

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Who are the people in your neighborhood? I remember growing up and I knew everyone on the block. But now I can’t say that I know any of my neighbors. I speak to a few of them and the others I don’t. Why not well if I speak to you and you don’t speak back well I get it. But you remember when the whole neighborhood looked out for you? When you got in trouble with one neighbor and then got told on and got in trouble with your mom. Does that even happen anymore? What happened to the village? I see kids now just running around with no parental supervision and so disrespectful. So what happened to the village? Why don’t we know the people in our neighborhood anymore? Do we not care about getting to know people anymore? Just pondering so many thoughts.

Thinking out loud:

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Have you ever wanted to understand the world more? Understand why people believe what they believe. Why they don’t look at the world differently? Am I the only one who is interested in this? As I’m learning people better I’m getting a sense that the words of wisdom that they have heard from older people are taking shape in their lives. But what about this new generation? I’m telling you I feel like they are so lost. Is it because parents are not interested in raising kids anymore? Is it because of social media/ cell phones? Have you ever tried having a conversation with these young people? They would rather text or send you emojis. What happened to the good old grandma talks? Why do people care about climate change more than others? Why do the rich not want the poor to succeed? So many questions but not enough answers. I have noticed that people like to debate more than having a conversation about understanding each other. I may not like who you voted for but I will hear you out on why you did and not make you feel bad about it. I want to know so much. Is it wrong? I just like to understand other people’s views and thoughts. Just thinking out loud I guess.

Book review:

I like this book a lot. It gives you some great self care tips. This book has many resources that you can use. Self care is super important to me. This book is a book. that I will constantly use as a guide for a better me. If you need a book that will give you guided was to self care this is the book. This is a must read for anyone interested in self care.

Happy Sunday:

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have been dealing with my shoulder pain for so long. But my wonderful husband took me out for a date day yesterday. And let me tell you how much I love this man. Yesterday was the best day that I have had in a long time. We enjoyed ourselves and each other. It felt like my birthday but it wasn’t. There is nothing like being uplifted when you are feeling low. There is nothing like having someone love you through the good and bad. I had to admit that I haven’t lived in the moment in so long. I lived in the moment yesterday. I don’t post a bunch of pictures of what I do. I like having a moment with who I’m with. What I’m trying to say is make sure no matter what you’re going through live in the moment. I pray that my shoulder pain will go away but I can’t make it my life. Enjoy each day and enjoy the people who are in your life.

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My 40’s:

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I can’t believe that my birthday is coming up soon. And as I’m reflecting on my upcoming birthday. I’m very grateful to my husband for always being there for me. I’m grateful for my children who keep me on my toes daily. Since I have come into my 40’s my life has been different. Your 40’s will teach you lesson’s that you didn’t know that you needed to learn. My 40’s have had some highs and lows. But right now learning me and loving me more has been my main focus. My marriage is the best it has been in years. My friendships are amazing. I feel like my life is very blessed. My 20’s and 30’s were great but my 40’s are amazing. The older you get the more your life will come together. I appreciate my 40’s because I feel like my life is just being. A lot of people always ask me what I want for my birthday. Well, I love to read and journal. So I have attached a copy of my Amazon wishlist for those who would like to bless me for my birthday. No, it’s not mandatory just if you want to. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/22QJUQEIMTHAC?ref_=wl_share

A seat at the table:

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Have you ever taken the time to think about life? I mean think about life? My husband and I just finished watching The Tulsa Massacre. I don’t understand why some things in history are hidden. Who does this help? Yes, black history is painful but to hide it doesn’t make sense. Will we ever get to a point where everyone will be treated equally? There has never been another black wall street. I support all businesses but I try to support the black business more. When will all the killings stop. I don’t have all the answers but I do hope that we can all have a conversation that will help everyone. Black people don’t get the recognition that we deserve. Can we all just say that the world would be a better place if we were treated equally? Let us all have a seat at the table and have an honest conversation.

Just venting:

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As the United States starts to open back up and people are out and about traveling. And COVID cases are on the decline and fewer people are getting vaccinated. By the way, I had my first COVID shot. I’m hearing on the news about people not wanting to go back to work because of unemployment and how jobs can’t find workers. Well, I can’t speak for anyone else but myself when I say that’s a load of shit. I have applied and applied. I have even swallowed my pride and applied for jobs that are way below what I’m used to making. It’s so many people applying for the same jobs. No, I’m not applying to fast food restaurants because I have other skills. But it works my nerves that the government thinks that unemployment is hindering people from going back to work. Like I said I can only speak for myself. There are not as many jobs as there use to be so people are fighting for the same jobs. I have thought people should stop bashing people on unemployment and look at the real picture instead of talking about things they don’t know. Just venting people that’s all.

Book review:

I have not read a Harlan Coben book that I didn’t like. This book was very hard to put down. So many twists and turns. It kept me turning page after page. I love when I can’t figure out what’s going to happen. So this book is about a brother in search of the brother he let leave his life. They haven’t seen each other in 16 years when his wife turns up without his brother. Where is his brother and why is his brother wife in danger?

Who are you really?:

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Who are you really? Who do people see when they talk to you? Well, let me be honest with you a minute. I use to be that person who people thought that I had it all together. But I didn’t. I would be the person that would give advice and suggestions to others but never had anyone to do that for me. Why not? Because I never let anyone in. I was and still am the type of person who would test and see if what I told you would stay between us. I would just say something random and see if it would spread. I didn’t have many female friends because I didn’t trust them. And the female friends that I do have I don’t take them for granted. But now I’m done with the double life because I love the person that I’m growing to be. I have allowed myself time and space to work and focus on myself and my issues. I’m great at being there for others and now I’m working on letting others be there for me. Well, a select few anyway. I know that there are so many people walking around living this double life as I did. It’s great to be there for others but it’s also nice to have others there for you also. Even though I’m selective with telling my deep secrets I am open to telling my story and experiences with others when needed. I love that I can blog and tell my story and know that it’s okay to be open. You never know who may be going through the same thing that you’re going through.