My love:

I can’t believe how this love began

We were just friends and then

Something changed in the way that we felt

Every time I would see you my heart would melt

How can it be that you have changed my heart

So afraid of love from the very start

But you were so gentle and kind

You were patient with my heart

So in time my heart grew for you no longer friends but something true

I’ll never find another like you

My love is yours through and through


Learning lesson:

When I began to look back over my life I have come to realize that I have been accustom to the bad in relationships that I have failed to look at the good. I was comparing and waiting for all types of bad things to happen in my marriage because that is what I’m accustomed to in many of my past relationships. My husband can do a 100 things right, but when he does one thing wrong I throw all the 100 things that he did right out the window. I’m so focused on the wrong that I don’t look at all the good that is being done. I seem to be so caught up in the past that I’m afraid to accept what is right in front of me. I’m on a journey to do better in my life. I don’t want to be blind to my present and future. I have to understand that not everyone is alike. Sometimes it takes a while to get this concept. I’m just glad that my eyes are open to fully see and appreciate what I have.


I believe in love

I’m not a slave to it

Love is blind I never knew it

My love is a keeper and nothing to hide

My love is solid and I’m along for the ride

Love is hard they say and that maybe true

Love comes in many forms

And I’m glad to know that love is limitless and my love shows

Endless love:

My heart is open

Sometimes it bleeds

Love is endless sometimes in need

Where does love go when you give it away

Will it ever return or does it just stay away

Love is never easy it gets rough sometimes

A love like mines is endless it gets lost in time

Hello fear:

Hello fear it’s time for you to leave

I’m tired of you and you serve no need

You can’t stay any longer because I’m getting stronger

I’m tired of you fear you have no place in my life

It wasn’t fun while it lasted so it’s time to say goodbye

I’m not going to be needing you anymore

I’m ready to face my fears one by one

I’m sorry to say fear I’ve already won

Afraid of fear:

At this moment in my life I’m paralyzed by fear. I can’t move forward until I deal with this fear that is plaguing me. I can’t heal until I let go of this fear. And right now I honestly don’t know how to do that. My fear has me frozen and emotional all at once. I feel trapped in myself. Am I the only one who has ever dealt with fear like this?

Personal growth challenge:

I want to grow as a better person. So I’m challenging myself to set goals both personal and professional. I want to be the best me possible. I want to speak better, talk better, love better and dream better. I’m letting go of past hurts and emotional pain that I have felt most of my life. This challenge will not be easy because I’m a feeling person. I think and feel with my emotions and they are usually wrong. I want to know what it’s like to believe in myself, to see my myself as beautiful on the inside and outside. I want to know what it’s like to accomplish a dream. I want to know what it’s like to have someone say they are proud of me. I’m up for the challenge. Have you ever challenged yourself?

Word fast update:

I did a word fast some months ago. And let me tell you how hard that was for me. I thought I was well prepared for it, but I wasn’t. See I’m the type of person that is easily controlled by my mood. I had very good intentions of being positive and always thinking great and kind thoughts. But I lasted two days. Yes, I said two days, well let me explain why. I don’t do well with the mistreatment of other people, nor do I like being disrespected. And when those two things come into play well my word choice comes into play as well. So I still need a lot of work when it comes to words. And I have actually been thinking about this pretty hard because my words can affect someone just like they affect me. But I can respond in love and peace instead of anger and hate. I know what other’s words do to me so why should I do that back in return. And to be honest it doesn’t make me feel good treating other’s the way that they treat me. It hurts, to be honest. I’m learning to think before I speak and to understand that I don’t have to be like everyone else with there words. It’s okay to be kind and still get my point across. So this is going to be an ongoing work in progress for me. I will keep you updated on how my progress is going. If you want to join in let me know how you are doing.